Large Drikug and Phurb Buddhist Mala Counters – #MC1114 – $89.98

For your consideration is one set of a LARGE sized rare and unique high quality 925 sterling silver set of Buddhist Prayer Bead Mala Counters. This is a fine traditional pair as a Drikug & Phurba.

The total weight for this set of Mala Counters is 12 grams. The length of the 10 beads and the Drikug and Phurba is 1.5 inches or about 40mm. Over all length 3.5 inches or about 88mm from the top loop to the bottom of the string knot. The sterling silver beads are about 6mm in diameter and 3mm thick. The Phurba is 30mm and the Drikug is 24mm in length. Both are very ornate and unique.

The cord options are BLACK, RED, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, and GOLDEN YELLOW of single looped braided satin nylon. White is not available right now. The cord is very strong and accurate with appropriate tension. Please select what color cord you want when you purchase.

This is a complete set of high quality 925 Sterling Silver mantra counters. This makes the perfect gift or offering.

These are a very rare and high quality set of mala counters. Hand crafted by myself, a Buddhist artist practitioner here in the United States.