Dalmatian Jasper 8mm Buddhist Mala – #MA111 – $59.98

This is a hand crafted 108 Bead Buddhist Mala made with 8mm Dalmatian Jasper beads. The only way to say it is the color and pattern matches a Dalmatian Dog. The white in the mala is more of an off-white or ivory color. This is a very unique looking mala. It is strung with a black braided nylon cord and is finished with a 10mm Snowflake Obsidian Guru Bead. The sliding knot allows for customizing your tension and also allows for the space needed to use and move Bhum Counters.

This is a very distinctive mala with no animal materials used. It is approximately 17.5 inches or 44.5 centimeters in length.

Perfect for Buddhist practitioners from many traditions. This is the only one I have in stock at this time.
Accurate, beautiful, and hand crafted these Malas make the perfect gift, offering, or personal Dharma accessory to enhance and support your practice.

Hand crafted by myself, a Buddhist artist practitioner here in the United States.