The story behind Mala Counters

My name is AlejAndro Anastasio. I am the sole owner and craftsperson here at Mala Counters. For the past 13 years I have been a Tibetan Dzogchen Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner. Currently I am Director and head Teacher of the Boise Dharma Center in Boise, Idaho. All Mala Counters and Malas are built with the intention to support and enhance the Dharma practice of myself and others. Each item is hand crafted in small runs with high quality components.

In the beginning I first made a set of Mala Counters for my own person use. I realized high quality Mala Counters were difficult to find. My intention was to create a high quality practice tool to support my mantra practices. Many students in the Dharma Center asked where I acquired the mala counters. Therefore, I began to make them available for my students to support and enhance their practice. My main focus and product are 925 Sterling Silver hand crafted Mala Counters. However, after a while I also started to design and build Malas as a way for the students in the Dharma Center who wanted them to acquire quality products close to home. I also offer Sterling Silver Bhum Counters for tracking hundreds of thousands or millions of mantras. I now offer these small runs of hand crafted high quality Mala Counters, Malas, and Bhum Counters to all students.

All my Mala Counters and Bhum Counters are made from 925 Sterling Silver. They are designed for long term accuracy, beauty, and durability. When you make a decision and commitment to practice with more sincerity and depth you will want practice tools made with the same devotion. You can find them here at Mala Counters.