24 Karat (999 Pure Gold) Mala Counters – Small #SP008 – $689.98

This is a 24 Karat Gold (999 Pure) set of a SMALL sized high quality Buddhist Prayer Bead Mala Counters in the traditional pair of the Bell and Dorje. The total weight for this set of Mala Counter is 5.9 grams. The weight of the gold bell, dorje, and recorder beads is 5.2 grams. The cords weight a total of 0.7 grams.

The length of the 10 recorder beads with the bell and dorje is just about 1.00 inch or about 25mm. The overall length from the top loop to the bottom of the string is about 3.00 inches or about 76mm. The 24 karat recorder beads are 4.5mm in diameter and 2.0mm thick. The dorje is 15mm long and the bell is 14.2mm in length. The cord is a single loop of red braided nylon. This makes the exceptional gift or offering for a devoted practitioner or to give to you Buddhist Teacher.

These are a very rare and hard to find set of high quality 24 karat gold (999 pure) mala counters that are hand-crafted by myself, a Buddhist artist practitioner here in the United States.

I only have one set of these mala counters at this time. Please contact me with any questions.